In case you missed it… (LTYM videos are here!)

Back in January, I auditioned for a thing. And I got cast in the thing, to my great surprise. I wrote something like an introductory essay for them, and finally, I performed another original essay on stage at the Atheneum Theatre in May. The video is here.



(And yeah, I dropped the F bomb. Did you expect anything else? Thankfully, June had fallen asleep by that point.)

I won’t ever stop raving about how much fun I had participating in this show, and what an incredible honor it was to share the stage with such awesome women. Not only was it the most fun to meet and befriend a bunch of crazy-smart local women, but unexpectedly, it has kickstarted my love of writing back into full gear. You know when you’re watching basketball (or, you know, whatever sport, I can’t really relate because I could give a shit about sports) and you just want to get out there and play basketball so badly? Your legs start itching and you start visualizing yourself dribbling the ball, and before you know it every part of you is on fire to get out on that court and play some ball? That’s what LTYM did for me. Writing an essay, hanging out with some incredible writer-women, and being so sweetly encouraged by all of them has lit a fire under my ass to start writing, blogging, and reaching out to other writers again. And now after bed, my husband and I eat toast in our loft and I write my blog and query magazines. It is the most fun, and a hobby just for myself.

Listen To Your Mother is such an incredible program, and I highly encourage you to seek out your local chapter, write your own piece, and audition.

I also encourage you to watch the entire Chicago show. I got goosebumps at Lea’s piece. I fist-pumped in agreement with Andrea’s piece. I cried like a straight-up bitch at Meggan’s, Andrea’s, and Hyacinth’s (and Sheila Quirke’s piece, from the 2013 show). I cracked up at Keely’s and Saya’s (and I have to give a shout-out for my absolute favorite from a previous year — Marrianne is hilarious and the title of her piece made me literally LOL). And I listened in amazement at Sarah’s piece from the Arkansas show (a fellow Spina Bifida mom, what up!). You know what? Just watch the entire show. Of all the cities. Do it. I saw the entire Chicago show straight through at least three times during rehearsals and never got sick of it. Every story is unique, and amazing, and triumphant.

What a cool thing to be a part of.



5 thoughts on “In case you missed it… (LTYM videos are here!)

  1. This was an amazing experience for me as we’ll from an audience member’s point of view. I want to make it our Mother’s Day tradition!

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