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PTSD related:

The Kidney Stone Debacle – A medical event that spurs two years of PTSD.

The Kidney Stone Debacle, ContinuedI just can’t quit you, kidney stone.

What a Nervous Breakdown Feels Like – In which I think I have the Swine Flu and freak the fuck out.


Disability related: 

The Bombshell: Our Son Has Spina Bifida – We go to the doctor for an anatomy ultrasound and get the shock of our lives.

What to Expect When You Totally Weren’t Expecting Spina Bifida – If you’ve gotten some scary news at your ultrasound, know this: You’re not alone. And you’re stronger than you think.

Wonder – A post about a song we sing in the car every time we go to the hospital. This post was later featured on The Mighty.

A Letter to Judgey McJudgerson About the iPad Potty – iPad Potties help kids with bowel programs, so judgmental mamas throwing shade should probably just STFU. This was also syndicated on the Huffington Post.

If healthy pregnancies were treated like special needs pregnancies – Anything can be framed in a negative way. This was later syndicated on KevinMD.


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